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Your virtual machine will be up and running in only few seconds. 

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IPv6-only VMs are the answer.

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VM hosting


Hosted in Switzerland

GB Storage (SSD)

Green, sustainable & reliable

Green: we operate with 99.9%* hydropower from the Alps. 

Sustainable: we reuse existing factory halls instead of building everything new.

Safe: our VMs are all located in the Alps of Switzerland - the safest location imaginable in the world.

Modern: we have a modern and alternative design for a datacenter.

(*0.1 % of our energy generated from solar power.)


Open Source + Open Infrastructure.

We are seriously Open Source.

Everything we use, create and encourage is Free and Open Source Software. You find our source code online and we even document our whole data center setup publicly. 

Our Open Infrastructure Project

Have you ever wanted a feature in a software, a product or an infrastructure and got frustrated that your provider would just not support it? We've certainly been there. And that is why we decided to open up our infrastructure. 

Our goal is to let you, our users, fully profit from our transparent improvement and growth. You can access our processes, architecture, technologies, and more on our open infrastructure page

Our services run on
Our storage layer
Our configuration management system
Our web frontend
Our cloud
Our monitoring
Our awesome juice
Our NAT64 gateway

We believe in giving back to the FOSS community.

Data Center Light is the child of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement. We grew up with it, live by it, and believe in it. The more we work on our datacenter, the more we contribute back to the FOSS community. 

One way of us giving back to the FOSS community is our famous biannual hackathon, Hack4Glarus - where we invite hackers with brilliant ideas to come to Data Center Light, and support them to freely and openly exchange, develop and implement great ideas.


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ungleich glarus ag

Bahnhofstrasse 1 8783 Linthal


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