How we run it with water

The hydropower plant serves as the sole power source for our Data Center Light. Few meters away from where our servers are running, the hydropower plant is generating electricity in the basement. 

The power generator

The Linth, and Linthal

The Linth river has been the lifeline for the whole region Glarus forever. For drinking, farming, and now generating electricity. As the name suggests Linth rises near Linthal in the mountains of the Alps - where our datacenter is located at. The powerful water coming to Linth river was the decisive factor for textile industry in the 1800s coming to the region Glarus. 

Map of Linth from 1804

The Numbers

Water flow : 15,000 ℓ/s

Max power turbine : 1650 kW

Power generator :  1800 kVA

Yearly production : 8,000,000 kW/h

A normal household consumption per year : 2,200 kW/h

Renovated in : 2012

Water entrance