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Data Center Light – Terms of Service


We know that most people don't read the terms of services and we would be glad to not having to define them in the first place.

As more people use our services, we are aware that "stuff that bothers us" or "limits other people" need to be clearly excluded and thus we see the need of ToS.

We try to define our ToS as what we see as "common sense" and therefore keep them short and readable. If you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact our legal department to discuss your ideas.

Version and updates to terms of service

This is version 0.1 of the terms of service (ToS). You agree to automatically agree to any updated version.

Covered services

This terms of service cover the following services provided by ungleich glarus ltd.:

  • Virtual Machine Hosting
  • Cloud Storage

Both are summarised as "ungleich cloud infrastructure" (UCI)

Legal and Ethical

All operations taking place on UCI are subject to Swiss Law. Any violations of law will lead to direct termination of the service.

ungleich glarus ltd. reserves the right to terminate services if they violate general accepted ethical standards.

Network fair use policy

Network can be used under fair use. Long term excessive use will take the right to throttle or suspend the VM.

Fees and return of money

All service fees are to be paid in advance.
No refund available, especially violations of the terms of service will not lead to any refund.

Virtual Machine Hosting

Virtual Machines are provided with distributed storage backend. Backup is exclusive and can be booked as an additional option.

Cloud Storage

Data is replicated on multiple servers. Data is not backed up by default, but backup can be added as an additional option.