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Data Center Light – Terms of Service

Version and updates to terms of service

This is version 0.1.2 of the terms of service (ToS). You agree to automatically agree to any updated version.

Covered services

This terms of service cover the following services provided by ungleich glarus ltd.:

  • Virtual Machine Hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • Colocation
  • Hosted Chat and Hosted Matrix Chat
  • Hosted Monitoring
  • IPv4 as a Service 
  • IPv6 to IPv4 proxy, IPv6 to IPv4 Proxy
  • IPv6 Camera
  • IPv6 VPN
  • Web Hosting and Mail Hosting
  • Team Project Management (Redmine)
  • IPv6 Routers including VPN IPv6 IoT Router Box (VIIRB), Pro IPv6 Box (PIB), VPN IPv6 WiFi IoT Box( VIWIB), VPN IPv6 4G LTE IoT Router (VIGIR)
  • ungleich Gift Card

Above are summarised as "ungleich cloud infrastructure" (UCI) and "ungleich hardware" (UH)

Legal and Ethical

All operations taking place on UCI are subject to Swiss Law. Any violations of law will lead to direct termination of the service.

ungleich glarus ltd. reserves the right to terminate services if they violate general accepted ethical standards.

Customers who abuse or who matche the pattern of behaviour of other abusers of our service platform will get a notice of service suspension to the email used in the service subscription. The instances belonging to such customers will be suspended or terminated unless clarified with ungleich glarus ltd. in a written form as guided in our notice within the given time frame.

Customers who fail to meet the clarification requirements from our suspension notice will be banned from the future use of our services.

Privacy and Security Policy

Our privacy and security policy can be found in the following page.

Network fair use policy

Network can be used under fair use. ungleich glarus ltd. reserves the right to throttle or suspend the VM for the case of long term excessive use.

Service Termination

ungleich glarus ltd. reserves the right to terminate services that were not paid within its payment due date.

ungleich glarus ltd. reserves the right to terminate customer instances as defined in Legal and Ethical clause of Terms of Service.

Fees and return of money

All service fees are to be paid in advance. 
No refund is available, especially violations of the Terms of Service will not lead to any refund.

ungleich Virtual Machine Hosting, ungleich Chat products including Hosted Matrix Chat and Hosted Mattermost Chat and managed services will not be refunded after the product is set up. 

ungleich Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash and only usable within products and services offered by ungleich glarus ag. ungleich Gift Cards cannot be returned for a cash refund and unused associated balances are not transferable.

Virtual Machine Hosting

Virtual Machines are provided with distributed storage backend. Backup is exclusive and can be booked as an additional option.

Cloud Storage

Data is replicated on multiple servers. Data is not backed up by default, but backup can be added as an additional option.