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19% OFF for green activists!

2019.12.27 - 2019.12.31. (Closed)
Do you need resources related to your green activism? Data Center Light supports your fight for the future.
We are giving out 19% discount for those who order a new VM above amount of 50 CHF for their green activism at Data Center Light. The 19% discount will be for the first 3 months. Offer is valid for the VMs bought during 2019.12.27 - 2019.12.31. at Data Center Light. 

How does it work?

Order a new VM which amounts more than 50 CHF on Data Center Light and go through checkout. Write to our support team and let us know for which movement your VM is used your for, you will get your 19% back to the credit card you used for payment. It will take 5 to 7 days for Stripe process. Your will get 19% discount on your VM price for the first 3 months.

I already have a VM at Data Center Light that I use for green activism, how can I benefit from this deal?

You already have a VM with us, and you are using it for the good fight, that's great! The discount is valid for any new order amount over 50 CHF, so if you upgrade your CPU, RAM or storage over 50 CHF until 2019/12/31 you can enjoy the 19% discount on the upgrade amount. You can let us know when you are upgrading via support, we will give you the discount.

Why Data Center Light supports green?

Because we are penguins and we need the glacier to survive. No, jokes aside, our whole data center is built on the idea of sustainability and carbon neutrality from the very beginning. We use only renewable energy for running our VMs. We don't build new buildings for our infrastructure but we reuse old factory halls. We want to decentralize our overpopulated cities and enable the countryside. In short, we want to do the right things and want to support those who are doing the right things. 

Offer is now on Data Center Light.

VM hosting


Hosted in Switzerland

GB Storage (SSD)


It's the time of the year where the chaos is in the center. Being fully chaotic, we offer everyone who is at the congress, a chaotic discount between 0 and 36% for the first month. And this is how it works: If you order a VM from or and afterwards provide a chaotic proof that you are there, we give you the discount. You can either send the proof to to or locate Nico -telmich- Schottelius or Balazs -llnu- Unyi at the 36c3. We then run the following python code:

import random
discount = random.randint(0,36)

And that is the discount you'll get.



2019.12.17 - 2019.12.24 (Closed)

Data Center Light welcomes Fedora31! We give out 50% discount for 31 Fedora VMs. 


First Month Free for RIPE countries!

2019.10.13 - 2019.10.20 (Closed)

First month free for European RIPE member countries! Start IPv6 now.





2019.09.12 - 2019.09.18 (Closed)

OpenBSD Party! Double up CPU for all OpenBSD VMs!




2019.06.26 - 07.03 (Closed)

Devuan Beowulf is here! Double up CPU for all Devuan VMs!


World IPv6 Launch Day Flash Sale

2019.06.06 (Closed)

Free CPU for all IPv6-only VMs on



2019.05.20 - 05.26 (Closed)

Data Center Light now supports Alpine Linux! Double up RAM or CPU for all Alpine Linux VMs! 



2019.05.13 - 05.19 (Closed)

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo is here! Double up RAM or CPU for all Ubuntu VMs!



2019.04.02 - 04.14 (Closed)

Celebrating the first ever Devuan conference in Amsterdam! Double up RAM or CPU for all Devuan VMs.



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